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The Play Mat Plus | Sand 8mm

The Play Mat Plus | Sand 8mm

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Is it fashion? Is it fitness? No, it is everything. We are waiting for the fashion runways of the world to start accessorizing with Bala. Bold colours and quirky designs introduce a playful element into an industry dominated by grey, while design and function are in balance. We also like Bala's inclusive attitude, everyone is invited. Ninjoo wants to change the way you look at fitness accessories, Bala fits this mission perfectly.


Not the wafer-thin mat you’ve come to expect. At 8mm thick, The Play Mat is as supportive as it is comfortable. The first-of-its-kind portal shape is a true showstopper. Its antimicrobial, waterproof top layer is moisture-wicking and nonslip. Break a sweat or take a nap, the choice is yours.

  • Made with FSC™-certified natural rubber.
  • Designed to be left out or ride a shotgun when you’re on the go. 
  • Made of a polyurethane top coat and rubber base.
  • Includes 1x Play Mat and a handy dandy storage strap. 


L 181cm W 67.3cm T 8mm


Bala is a young brand that started its journey as an idea on a napkin in 2018. Tired of the ultra-serious, lookalike brands in the fitness industry the two founders, Natalie and Max, set out to create playful fitness accessories that defied the laws of the industry. Following an appearance on the US Shark Tank show Bala became an instant sensation.

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