At Bala, we believe beautiful, functional fitness equipment will change the way you move. Because we understand that your life includes exercise but is not exclusively defined by it.


Bala started on a napkin in 2018, when the founders sketched out ideas for what would eventually become Bala Bangles. Like you, they'd grown tired of an ultra-serious, exclusionary fitness industry – a sea of lookalike brands running the same playbook; one defined by unreasonable expectations and the heartache of falling short.

For two years, the founders shipped each and every order by hand. On the wall of their detached garage, they spelled out the words: Good Things Come To Those Who Sweat.

  • 01. Playful

    Once upon a time, play was all we knew. But – suddenly, without warning – movement changed. Why so serious? Bala is a movement company here to reclaim fitness. To make it feel like playtime.

  • 02. Design-led

    After all, who says fitness products need to be connected to be effective? Leave them out in your living room and use them more frequently as a result. review.

  • 03. Inclusive

    Are you a hardbody? That’s neat. Bala is not reserved for the ultra-fit, the ultra-young, the ultra-anything. Bala is for you, whoever you are.

  • 04. Boundaryless

    Free yourself from the confines of the gym. Fitness products shouldn’t come with a plug. Work out anytime, anywhere and anyway you damn well please.

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